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Welcome to Thirteen Design!

Thirteen Design is Ireland’s newest creative consultancy in the engineering, product and graphic design sector, combining technical analysis with artistic freedom for a revolutionary approach to creating new products and ideas or updating existing ones.

Operating a business, especially in the manufacturing sector, requires a lot of resources just to maintain the day-to-day activities. It can be very easy to feel the strain and lose sight of the future, and the innovation necessary to expand your business into new or developing markets. This is where we come in...

Our focus at Thirteen Design is to help you refine your existing products, or develop new ones, to affirm your business as the dominant player in your existing sector, or assert your presence in a different sector altogether. We realise the challenges of running a professional engineering business and are committed to relieving some of the burden on your valuable internal resources while assisting in the growth of your business.

With experience in a variety of sectors, from low voltage networks to automotive machinery, we have seen our fair share of challenges and obstacles and become adept at overcoming these to bring a product or solution to market that is beneficial to everyone from the manufacturer to the end user.

Have a look around our website to find out more about us, the services we offer, and previous projects. For more information, or any other enquiries, you can fill in the contact form here or email

We look forward to working alongside you to improve and innovate for a better world.

Speak to you soon,

Chris Brennan, Founder

Chris Brennan