(Finite Element Analysis)


Using the latest SolidWorks Simulation software, we can identify areas to refine or enhance the design of your product, based on stresses, strains and material properties. Whether your aim is to reduce cost and weight, or increase strength and durability, we can help optimise your design.



3D Rendering


Using PhotoView 360, we can produce photorealistic rendered images and animations of 3D CAD models for production, marketing and sales material, among other uses.





With our in-house 3D Printing facilities, we can develop scaled models to verify design concepts and identify areas for improvement through physical models. This method also significantly reduces the cost and lead time of prototype development before progressing to Stage 6...


Tooling Design & Sourcing


Utilising a range of tooling manufacturers, locally and internationally, we can design and source tools, moulds and parts according to your specifications. Contact us here to get started.

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